I was born in the Caribbean coast of Colombia and as far back as I can remember, I felt a pulsing desire to travel the world, experience other cultures and meet people from different backgrounds. I dreamt of being able to see all kinds of images. I was always fascinated by movies, fashion, comics, artistic masterpieces, old photography, all kind of images. My eyes were always hungry for beauty.

In the late 90’s I started working as a graphic designer in the advertising industry in Colombia. In 2000 I moved to California where I lived for 11 years between San Francisco and Los Angeles, working as an art director for different advertising agencies.


But my desire to see the world was bigger than anything, so in 2011 I moved to Paris, the perfect backdrop for one of my greatest passions: photography. It was only then that I truly began to take pictures freely. It was only then that I felt photography was my way of telling stories, my own stories. It was a cry of freedom from the stressful advertising days of briefs and client approvals. I started looking closer at every detail and finding inspiration from people all over the planet, driven by my curiosity about what they do and how they do it. Come with me and see these simple and beautiful instants of life that will never repeat themselves. 



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